Army Of Frogs

Army of Frogs is a family game that will drive you hopping mad! Strategically place your Frog stones and hop over other Frogs, aiming to connect all of the Frogs of your own colour while preventing your opponents from doing the same.
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The name "Army of Frogs" refers to the collective noun for a group of frogs, similar to a "school of fish". 

A board-less game that can be played anywhere for 2-4 players. The chunky game stones are embossed with a moulded Frog figure so they can be easily picked up and moved during play. 

With the island small and the population large, guarding your territory is of the utmost importance, if you want to survive. Rally your Army Of Frogs into one troop and win the fight for territory and the game. 

What's included? An Army of Frogs set contains 40 Frog stones (measuring 47 mm from tip to tip), 4 colour indicator discs, an illustrated rules leaflet and a cloth bag. 

The fun is found in that your frog can jump as many times as you want in one turn, so it's a real delight working out the many possible routes your frog can take to victory and watching your friends faces when they see you move to a space they didn't think you could get to. 

Army of Frogs comes with a very sturdy and neat looking bag to hold all of the beautiful frog pieces. The bag is used as part of the rules and is equally used to transport the game away from home.


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