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New game Tatsu® from designer John Yianni
Tatsu Game
Tatsu® is a two-player game in which players control three different types of dragon pieces.

Victory is gained when a player manages to destroy all of one type of the opposition's dragons or knocks all the opposition’s dragons off the board so that none remain in play.

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Play Tatsu online

The Pillbug Expansion Set is available at our UK Online Shop!
The Pillbug is a new pair of tiles that can be added to Hive. The Pillbug moves like the Queen Bee – one space at a time – but it also has a special ability that it may use instead of moving. This ability allows the Pillbug to move an adjacent unstacked piece (whether friendly or enemy) two spaces: up on to the Pillbug itself, then down into an empty space adjacent to itself.

The Pillbug is now available to buy online at our UK shop.



Play Hive Like a Champion - Strategy Book  (Available to buy in our UK shop))
At last a book dedicated to playing Hive like a true champion.  This book is packed full of strategies and tactics to enable you to play Hive on a master level.
This book is now available to buy through our UK Online Shop.

You can now buy our games direct from Gen42 Games website

Our games are now ready to be purchased directly from our online shop by clicking here or by clicking on the top menu under 'UK Shop'.  Unfortunately we are only limited to selling our games to the UK market until further notice.  For other countries, please click here.  Why not do some window shopping and see what you fancy. 
Please note, the Gen42 Games Shop is still in it's infancy stage and as time goes by, more and more products and features will be added to it.

Growing The Hive® Brand
Hive Pocket®’ débuted at the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2012 and is their seventh addition to the Hive® family since the first wooden print of this very popular and successful game back in 2001.

Since then Hive® has seen many incarnations from an iPhone App to the beautiful black and white classic edition ‘Hive Carbon®’ that was introduced last year at the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2011.

Hive Pocket® is the very same wonderful game but much smaller and compact.  Now you never need to go anywhere without Hive® again.

This edition also includes the two expansions to the game ‘The Mosquito’ introduced in 2007 and ‘The Ladybug’ which was added to the Hive® family in 2010.

Announcing the exclusive NEW Army Of Frogs® app for the iPad, iPod and iPhone
Please click here to visit the developers website
Get the Army Of Frogs® App For FREE
Army of Frogs® for iPhone and iPod Touch
Army of Frogs® HD (universal app) for all iDevices
The NEW Army Of Frogs® app for iPad, iPhone & iPod touch is now available on the iTunes app store.

In a small pond with a population of frogs that is constantly growing, the fight for territory and the best possible location is always a battle.

Army Of Frogs® is an exciting fun board game by the award winning games designer, John Yianni.

The game is for 2-4 players (human or AI) with each player in control of a group of 10 frogs, which connect to the other player’s frogs to form an island.

The shape and size of the island is constantly changing as players add and jump their frogs about in an attempt to rally them into one large group to win the game. The player’s frogs are also introduced to the island by the other
players, who will most definitely add them in difficult locations and use them to block the movements of the other frogs: so winning is not as simple as it may first appear.

To understand the rules of Army Of Frogs®, please click here.

Army Of Frogs App Trailer

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