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About Us
A small company with a BIG future
Part of Gen Four Two team: Tony Antoniou demonstrating at the Essen Fair in Germany 2004

Started in 2002 'Gen42 Games' is the London based games company of "John Yianni" the inventor of the much renowned and award winning 'Hive' game.

Committed to bringing back the sense of excitement and adventure we all felt when playing games as kids, John designs games that he himself loves to play, and has an ambition of introducing these games to people who want to feel that sense of excitement and adventure again.

John loved to design and make games from a young age which he played with family and friends. It was not until he came up with the idea for the amazing 'Hive' game, that he then started 'Gen42 Games' and took his passion to another level.

'Gen42 Games' has now become an international company with 'Hive' becoming a world wide mania.

We at 'Gen42 Games' pride ourselves in the quality of our games, both in the materials we use and the quality of the game play.

We also pride ourselves in bringing the best possible customer service. Though 'Gen42 Games' is one of the smaller breed of games companies, we have big and exciting plans for the future, all fuelled by fantastic games.



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Exceptional worldwide web designers, Web Design Spot (, have now designed the new look Gen42 Games website. The company is said to be very pleased with their site and found it very easy to update content online through the Content Management System.

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An Award Winning Company with a BIG Future
Gen42's HIVE® won numerous awards during the past few years. Below are a selection of them.
Gen42 Games are committed to creating quality games for all ages.  Watch this space for new and exciting games from Gen42 Games